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We make consumables such as CVC, HDC to patented sophisticated devices such as Syringe Pump, Drip Monitors, DVT Pump, Wound management and many more….

Cellulose based non oxidized structure that stops all types of bleeding including severe hemorrhage quickly within minutes. It is able to absorb more than 2500% its own weight in blood and fully absorbed by the body within 7 days. Also it is FDA approved FDA 510K and CE Class III

Syringe infusion pump is used to deliver fluids such as medications and nutrients into a patient’s body in controlled amounts. Syringe infusion pump is ideal for hospital ICU, wards and outpatient care. Syringe infusion pumps are intended to administer critical medications in an accurate and safe manner.
Accuflow Drip Monitor is an infusion monitoring device to monitor the gravity infusion and helps to deliver better patient care. Gravity based infusion is the most common form of infusion therapy. It works by delivering fluid containing medications, minerals and nutrients from an elevated infusion bag to the patient through an infusion system.

Intex Sacro Lumbar Support Countoured

Intex Contoured Sacro Lumbar Belt With Straps also supports back muscles, maintains healthy posture, and aids in pelvic anterior rotation reduction. This lumbar belt stimulates metabolism, reducing muscular soreness even further.


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